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Learn To Cook Great Tex-Mex Easily

Making great Tex-Mex food is not complicated. This is the book on the ABCs of how to cook Tex-Mex that fills the house with delicious aromas. Diana Barrios-Treviño’s Los Barrios Family Cookbook is filled with gems. It covers the great dishes that gave Tex-Mex its popularity, and it shares the family favorites that give the cook the width and breath of delicious dishes that have come out of Mexican family kitchens for more than a century and a half in Texas. Read below to see what Emeril Lagasse has to say about our food.

“I’m always looking for new tastes and cuisines in different regions of the country, especially those that involve local culture. We went in search of big Tex-Mex cooking, which San Antonio is known for. I chose Los Barrios from the many Tex-Mex restaurants in the city because I fell in love with Diana Barrios Treviño and the entire Barrios family….The dishes they have created contain amazing combinations and flavors that many people don’t get to experience. I wanted the rest of the country to sample what I was tasting. I wanted people to realize that true Tex-Mex cooking isn’t just fajitas and burritos. Now, with the Los Barrios Family Cookbook, I am excited to know that people across the country can easily prepare and taste all the delicious dishes I experienced on my visit. Whether you like your food hot, medium, or mild—and these recipes have it all—you’ll love the food in this book.”
—Emeril Lagasse, from the Foreword.

“My family cookbook is available at our restaurants, Los Barrios, La Hacienda, and our soon to open new restaurant, Viola’s Ventanas, named in honor of our mother.  You can also buy it here online in our Store or at your favorite online bookstore.  If you haven’t done so already, download the Free Recipes from the Recipes page and start cookin’ while you wait for the cookbook.”

Happy Cooking!
Diana Barrios-Treviño

Keep Your Tortillas Warm. A simple but great invention. Put this tortilla warmer to work, and you’ll see the efficiency of this simple creation. It’s as wide as a catcher’s mitt. You slip corn or flower tortillas into a pocket along the edge. Put the warmer into a microwave and tortillas come out steaming hot. Heats up to 10 tortillas at a time Or, you can warm tortillas on a griddle and place them into the warmer. They’ll stay steaming hot to hot for 25 to 35 minutes, depending on handling.

Make A Difference. Buy a “got heart?” T-Shirt for $12 (sizes small, medium, large and extra large) and help place a young promising scholar on a path to a quality education. Your contribution supports the Viola’s Huge Heart Foundation Scholarship fund.

The Barrios family created the Foundation in memory of their mother Viola Barrios to honor her personal charitable work which she practiced throughout her business life. For more information on tax deductible contributions visit the Foundation website at Violasheart.org.